Beginner Driving Lessons

Your First Driving Lesson

If you have never driven before, the chances are, you will be a bit nervous. Don’t worry. I will drive you to a quiet training area close to where you live. Then we will talk a bit about the car controls and how to move off and stop. I will keep the talking to a minimum so that you can get as much practice in as possible. The main objective to start with will be to get familiar with the pedal controls, particularly the clutch, and steering the car accurately.

If time permits, we will start to introduce simple junctions and the MSPSL routine (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look).

After the lesson you will have the opportunity to complete a reflective log, capturing what went well and areas for improvement. This will give us the basis for putting together the goals of the next lesson.

Subsequent Driving Lessons

Subsequent lessons will pick up the goals from the previous lesson and build upon them, letting you progress at a rate that suits you, covering all the topics necessary to pass your driving test. This will include driving in town, driving on country roads and driving on A roads, including dual carraigeways.

You will learn all the skills needed to be a safe driver for life.