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How to hide a lorry

I was driving through Westbury the other day, coming to the roudabout at the top of Haynes Road,

when I was astonished to find that a lorry was hidden behind the windscreen surround. How on earth could that happen? Its only a few inches wide.

I thought it would be useful to post a picture illustrating just how it could happen. However, I couldn’t really stop on a busy road to take the picture, so I took this picture instead somewhere quieter a few days later:

Blind Spot

You can see from this, how the entire bend is hidden from view unless you move your head to peer around the windscreen surround.

Its really important when turning corners, to make sure you can see where you are going, and to make sure that vehicles or pedestrians are not hidden from view behind the blind spot created by the windscreen surround.

Drive safely folks.