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How to Stop Glasses Steaming up when wearing a Face Mask

Having restarted driving lessons on 4th July, it soon became apparent that people with glasses have a real problem when it comes to wearing face masks. In fact, my first two pupils just had to abandon the face masks the first time round because their glasses were steaming up too much.

During the week, I spent some time researching various methods using my own reading glasses and a disposable mask to test them. I tried de-fogging gel used for diving; I tried anti-bacterial soap. The method that finally worked was to carefully fold the mask around the contours of my nose and ensure that the glasses are fitted over the mask.

With the disposable masks, you will notice that the top edge has a piece of wire sewn into it:

Face Mask with Wire sewn in top edge

First, fold the top edge in half like so:

Face Mask with top edge folded

Then place the mask on your face and pinch the top of your nose:

Pinch face mask around nose

Next, put two creases either side of the centre of the top edge where the pinch points were:

Face Mask with creases

Finally, fit the face mask, press it around your nose and place your glasses over it:

Face Mask with no steamed glasses

The result is no steam whatsoever and a serious bad-hair day!