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Keep Calm

So many of my pupils have the same issue when waiting at a junction, when someone is behind them. Suddenly, all that nice synchronised use of the clutch, accelerator and handbrake that they have perfected so well, when moving off from the side of the road, goes completely out of the window, resulting in panicky stalls. “I am so stressed, because the driver behind is getting impatient.” What evidence do they have of this? Absolutely none. Nine times out of ten, the driver behind empathises with the learner, and patiently waits for them to restart the engine and cautiously move off. Afer all, they were learners once. That impatient driiver is entirely in the pupil’s head.

When you are at a junction, with cars behind you, keep calm, imagine you are at the side of the road, and move off in a controlled manner like all the times you have done before. If you do stall, keep calm, take a deep breath, restart the engine, and move off like you know you can.