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Parked Car – Reversing Lights – Beware

So you are driving along, minding your own business, couple of parked cars on the left, what could possibly go wrong? Wait a minute. That car has his reversing lights on. That should raise a few alarm bells. What if…. Take a look at the video.

Blimey that was close. Fortunately the cars didn’t collide, but it was only luck rather than judgement. The driver of my car was oblivious to the whole thing until I sent him the video clip afterwards.

Be extremely careful when passing parked cars. Look out for people between the cars (especially kids). Look out for drivers sitting in the cars. Look out for doors about to open, and look out for lights, especially reversing lights.

If you are about to reverse yourself, then make sure you look all around your car before doing so, including your blind spots. Don’t just rely on your mirrors or rear cameras.

This could quite easily have been an insurance job.