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Warminster Roundabout – Which Way?

All my pupils seem to have trouble on this roundabout, so I thought I would post a clip showing how it should be done.

We are on the A350 from Westbury towards Blandford Forum, coming up to the first roundabout of the Warminster bypass and I utter those fearful words: “At the next roundabout, follow the road ahead, second exit.”

Most pupils seem to pick the correct lane on approach, the middle one, but then there is the overwhelming urge to stick to the middle of the roundabout, thus cutting up anyone who happens to be turning right.

The correct thing to do is to move over to the left as soon as you have gone past the Warminster exit (after checking your left mirror and indicating of course). The traffic on your left can the head off to Warminster and the traffic on your right can head off to Bath, and you are not blocking anyone.

The only thing to watch out for is that idiot who is determined to get past the learner car, even if it means going on the inside lane and undertaking. Yes, it does happen! This is where that all-important left mirror check comes in before you move over to the left. If there is a car there, don’t drive into it.

Safe driving folks.