Refresher Driving Lessons

There are many reasons why you may be looking for refresher driving lessons.

Maybe you passed your driving test then went straight off to university and didn’t need to drive. Now you have come back home without having driven for three or four years since passing your test.

Maybe you have been living in London for years, and decided to move to the country.

Maybe you have had an accident in the past and lost your confidence.

Whatever, the reason, I can put together a lesson or two to boost your confidence and get you back on the road.

"I had a refresher course with Mike, which was excellent. He took me through the basics very quickly and then onto more advanced driving in different traffic and road conditions. His instructions were concise and clear and his patience was boundless. I am now happily driving again after a break of over 30 years."
Ann from Bridport
"After a 6 year break from driving Mike helped me regain my confidence behind the wheel, as well as teaching me a few new things along the way. Can't recommend Mike enough, his calm and collected teaching style helps put you ease and would be great for a beginner or someone just looking for a refresher like me."
Stephen from Warminster